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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

The agreement between AtoB Minicabs Edgware and you would require your consent to the following terms and conditions of our Edgware Minicab service. By pre-booking AtoB Minicabs Edgware, your compliance to the below-mentioned terms and conditions is evident.

1) Definitions:

Edgware minicabs and ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to our AtoB minicabs Edgware service. Whereas, ‘your’ or ‘you’ refers to the customer who intends to book our private hire cars in Edgware for transfers.

2) Booking:

2.1 The decision of the most suitable vehicle in accordance with number of passengers and luggage pieces is solely yours. Edgware Minicab service will not accommodate an extra passenger or luggage piece. We take complete responsibility of the requirements you mentioned during the booking procedure. No matter what age group your child belongs to, he/she will be regarded as passenger.

2.2 You must plan your journey by carefully allocating time for prompt transfers. Similarly, for airport transfers it is your responsibility to allocate your journey time according to the flight schedule. Avoid unnecessary delays and mishaps by efficiently allocating time as our Edgware Minicab service shall not be held responsible for delays from your side. The time your select for pick up must be aligned with your travel plans if you intend to reach promptly.

2.3 AtoB Minicabs Edgware excellently caters for your travel-related accessories. If you need baby seat of wheelchair, you must mention it while placing reservation.

3) Prices and Payments:

3.1 AtoB Minicabs Edgware service depends on the information provided by the customer while booking our minicabs in Edgware. The travel quote constitutes of the travel-related facilities that are needed by the customer for their journey. The fare price of our Edgware Minicab service is exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT). However, in any case if VAT is applicable then it will be added to the minicab fare. AtoB Minicabs Edgware reserves the right to amend its quotation if you have altered the itinerary.

3.2 You can avail free of cost 30 minutes waiting time after landing at the airport. The parking costs are already added to the quote. AtoB Minicabs Edgware service will incur additional charges if the waiting period exceeds 30 minutes duration. Our Edgware Minicab service is efficient due to the flight monitoring facility through which we monitor your flight schedule and dispatch the vehicle at the accurate time. In case of flight deferrals, the quote will be amended without surcharges. AtoB Minicabs Edgware is not obliged to bring aforementioned changes but these are done to facilitate passengers.

3.3 After successful completion of booking procedure, you will instantaneously receive booking confirmation details. Our Edgware Minicab firm requests you to carefully read the email comprising of booking confirmation details. In case of mistakes, inform us immediately for timely corrections.

3.4 You can pay the service charges through Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Transfers, PayPal or cash payment to the driver.

4) The Service:

4.1 The children need to be restrained in accordance with their age, height and weight.

4.2 In our minicabs in Edgware, the passengers are accommodated in accordance with the insurance or licensing limits.

4.3 Smoking, eating or drinking is strictly prohibited in our private hire cars in Edgware.

5) Cancellations:

5.1 If you have decided to cancel your booking with AtoB Minicabs Edgware, you must contact our Edgware Minicab firm office on time. Additional charges will be incurred if the vehicle has been dispatched to assist your journey. These charges will compensate the time spent and distance travelled by driver to your pick up location. It will be convenient for the driver if you inform us about cancellation promptly.

5.2 If you had chosen online booking system for booking then cancellation charges will be incurred even when the vehicle is not sent to the pick up location.

6) Liability:

6.1 You must take care of your luggage as it is solely your responsibility.

6.2 AtoB Minicabs Edgware service ensures secure, safe and comfortable transfers. Our Edgware Minicab service will not take any responsibility of delays from your side. Therefore, we suggest you to allocate time carefully. AtoB Minicabs Edgware service is not liable to pay for the losses occurring from your end.

6.3 Being a responsible Edgware Minicab service, we cater for alternative arrangements if our Edgware Minicab breaks down. We will legally make arrangements promptly. Our Edgware minicab transportation assures safe and timely transfers to your desired destination.

6.4 Expenses or damages happening due to omissions from your side. You will not be held responsible to provide compensation.

6.5 Your liability will not be limited or excluded in case of injuries or death. You are liable to pay for losses resulting in dishonesty, carelessness or corruption from your end.

7) Termination:
7.1 AtoB Minicabs Edgware service reserves the right to refuse or cancel out your booking anytime. Our local minicab company in Edgware will terminate your reservation if the driver is being abused or discomforted by the passengers. If the cancellation of the ride is due to aforementioned situations then repayment of service charges will not be done.
8) Miscellaneous:

8.1 AtoB Minicabs Edgware service stores, collects and processes the data in accordance with the policies designed by Data Protection Act of 1988. As per the guidelines of the policies, your data will remain protected from intrusion.

8.2 The agreement between you and AtoB Minicabs Edgware allows our Edgware Minicab service to practice self-contracting of obligations. Therefore, you will not have the permission to transfer, assign or delegate the rights provided by AtoB Minicabs Edgware service.

8.3 AtoB Minicabs Edgware service can amend the terms and conditions whenever required. If you want to stay updated regarding the terms and conditions of AtoB Minicabs Edgware then you must visit our website regularly. The fares are charged as per the applicable rates at the time of reservation.

8.4 The clauses of these terms and conditions highlight your consent and agreement between you and AtoB Minicabs Edgware service. Your reservation with Atob Minicabs Edgware refers to the fact that you have settled for the strategies used by us.

8.5 These terms and conditions do not provide benefits to a third party. The aforementioned rights can never be enforced by a third party because it does not incorporate the existence of third party. The agreement is solely between you and Atob Minicabs Edgware service.

9) Disputes:

Any disagreement taking place between AtoB Minicabs Edgware and you will be under the jurisdiction of English law. To abide by the jurisdiction of the course related to dispute or claim under this agreement is pertinent.

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