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Return Policy

Return Policy

The payback/return policy of AtoB Minicabs Edgware intends to share knowledge regarding repayment of service charges. In case of repayment situation, AtoB Minicabs Edgware will payback the amount through the same method that you initially used for payment. We use cash payment, credit card or debit card for repayment. The reimbursement process completes within the 48 hours of your request for refunding from AtoB Minicabs Edgware.

However, in case of hindrances that are outside the control of AtoB Minicabs Edgware, the repayment will be done through cheque. A cheque will be issued in favour of the card holder.

If you want to attain further information regarding our return policy, feel free to contact us through email. A copy of our return policy and privacy policy will be sent to you shortly.

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